Welcome to my website! I am Oggi - a Marie Curie Fellow in Affective Computing Group at MIT Media Lab. I hold a Bachelor degree in Automatic Control Theory from Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, and Masters in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence from Computer Vision Center at UAB in Barcelona. In 2014, I received a Ph.D. from Imperial College London, UK, supervised by Prof. Maja Pantic, where I worked on machine-learning and computer vision for automated analysis of human facial behavior. I used Gaussian Processes for multi-view modeling of facial expressions and their context. After receiving my fellowship in 2016, I moved to USA to continue my research in Affective Computing group, MIT, with Prof. Rosalind Picard, and co-mentored by Prof. Bjorn Schuller, Imperial College London and University of Augsburg, Germany. Currently, I am working on a new paradigm that we named Personalized Machine Learning for health care and robot perception. My main mission is to make machine learning models that can be useful for each and every person: so that individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC), and also individuals with other neurodevelopmental conditions, as well as their family and friends can all benefit from it. And we are working hard to make it happen!